Installation Services For Your Business

Interconnect began its corporate life in 1985 by providing simple RS-232, two pair wire connections from ordinary patch panels connected to main-and-mini frame systems to networks of “dumb terminals”. These early devices required network speeds of up to 9600 baud. Almost thirty years later, network technology has advanced about 100,000 fold—today’s network systems require ten gigabit speeds in order to connect local area networks to each other and to the world. Throughout the past two decades, Interconnect has maintained a leading role with its business partner suppliers, in order to provide its customers with the highest speeds available.

Our Services Division provides expertise in design, installation, testing and maintenance of structured cabling systems, computer networks, integrated voice systems, and broadband network distribution, including fiber optic, copper, wireless, and dispersed laser transmission media.

Network and Convergent Technologies

Today's technology continues to converge. Our network services bring together voice, data, video, audio, building controls, and security systems into a networked environment utilizing a structured solution.

Providing our customers with the latest switches, hubs and routers hardware and cabling solutions is only half our job in Network Services; we also provide the latest Network Operating System Software platforms, using the latest systems from Microsoft.

In short, if your company or organization needs to get connected, Interconnect can provide you with the best, most effective solution for today’s and tomorrow’s networks. Contact us by phone or eMail and let us review your requirements.